We are excited to announce that we will be moving ahead with a 2020 Nutcracker! The Gendron Franco Center has been extremely accommodating and excited to have us. Of course we will need to monitor health and safety issues throughout this process. We will plan to have a full length live performance if possible. If a live performance will not be possible than we will produce a professional movie with documentary elements to remember this amazing performance.

Ages 7 and up are able to participate, please fill out the Nutcracker Information form in the link below! Please also register your student for the class labeled “A Nutcracker Christmas” within your parent portal. For more information we have also included this informational video below and for fun have also included our promotional video from last years 2019 Promo Video!

Registration Form Link: https://forms.gle/BGykeyWZHaqe54Cm8

Promo Video 2019

Info Video Link: