2020-2021 Class Schedule

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Creative movement: 2-6 years

This program will introduce children to rhythm, mime, fantasy, improvisation, choreography, stretching and strengthening. In the creative movement classes, a great deal of emphasis is placed on enjoyment of the art of dance while maintaining the discipline required for any artistic endeavor. As the children age, we introduce ballet, modern and  jazz  technique to prepare them for more rigorous technique classes.

Intro to Technique: 6 years

Building upon the foundations of creative movement, children now learn to work in lines and on the diagonal. Basic movement themes such as; jumping, balletic runs, chasses, spinning and skipping are explored as an introduction to classical ballet. In this class we also introduce modern and jazz technique to prepare them for more rigorous technique classes. We also stress musical awareness.

Ballet/Pointe Technique: 7 years and up

Ballet classes are designed to expose students to the disciplined beauty of classical ballet. Proper body alignment as well as strengthening and stretching are emphasized. We use an Americanized ballet curriculum focused on the well-being and artistry of the individual dancer, drawing from the best of the Russian, French, and Italian traditions.  Pointe Classes for ages 11 and up require three 90 minute technique classes per week. Two Ballet technique and a 3rd technique class,  Ballet, Jazz or Modern.

Jazz: 7 years and up

Jazz classes include a combination of many styles and techniques including Broadway, Latin, African, and social dance. Proper technique, body placement, and healthy work habits will be stressed. Musicality and expression are emphasized.

Modern: 7 years and up

Modern classes build strength and flexibility through experimentation with the full range of movement possibilities. Techniques from the traditions of Graham, Humphrey, Limón, and others build upon a foundation of ballet technique. Students are encouraged to develop an individual style driven by their experiences and specific to each dancer’s body.

Hip-Hop: 7 years and up

Hip hop classes build stamina, strength, and flexibility while moving to high energy music. Skills including popping and locking, break dancing, and others with both contemporary and old-school flare.

Tap: 7 years and up

Classes are designed to teach the rhythmic, precise sounds and movements of tap in a fun and accessible way. Balance, rhythm, musicality, leg/foot coordination, and core strength are emphasized. Technique includes Classical, Broadway, and Contemporary styles done to various types of music. Students will be introduced to the history and various styles of tap dance.