Looking for our summer tuition rates? They can be found here.

Tuition rates below are  based on a full year of 32 classes.  Some months may have two or three classes while others may have five. The monthly tuition rate is the cost for the full year divided into 9 equal payments, so the monthly rate stays the same regardless of the number of classes in any particular month.

Please notice when looking at our tuition rates that our technique classes are 75  to 90 minutes long.

**Please note, The Dance Center commits in advance to faculty and services which are essential to our operation. Payment is due in full at the beginning of each month. Absence from class is not refundable. No student will be admitted to class with an outstanding balance unless arrangements have been made with The Dance Center.

**Students registering between September through December will pay a registration fee of $15 for the first student, and $10 for siblings of the first student. Students registering in January through March will pay a $20 registration fee, and siblings a $15 registration fee.

**Registration fees are collected annually

**Registration fees are non-refundable. The Dance Center commits in advance to various services to operate. Students who have registered and decide later to drop various classes will not be refunded for any registration fees.

**Tuition will not be refunded if students have attended their class at The Dance Center and we have not been informed in advance of students who have decided to no longer attend their dance class. Tuition is due each month, please let us know at the beginning of the month if there are any changes to your schedule.

1 (30 min) weekly class/ Pointe $40.00/mo.
1 (45 min) weekly class $44.00/mo.
1 (60 min) weekly class $48.00/mo.
1 (75 min) weekly class $50.00/mo.
1 (90 min) weekly class $54.00/mo.
Dance Intensive (unlimited classes, ages 11 and up) $265.00/mo.

Unlimited Classes

Sign up for as many classes as you want and you won’t pay more than $265/mo (ages 11 and up please e-mail or call for details and class placement).

Multiple Class Discount

Dancers taking two or more classes will receive a discount of 15%.

Costumes and Recital

A non-refundable* costume deposit of $30 will be due by January 31st, a second installment of $30 due by February 28th. For any student registering after January 1st,  the costume deposit will be due with the first monthly payment. For students that register on March 1st, the entire costume deposit of $60 will be due at registration. *If an instructor decides that students will be responsible for purchasing their own costumes, costume deposits and payments will be credited to the account or refunded.

Students with an outstanding balance will not be permitted to perform in the recital. Please contact The Dance Center with any concerns.