Summer Class Schedule

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Summer classes run for 6 weeks from June 27th through August 3rd, 2023.
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No classes on July 4th, make-up date Tuesday, August 8th.
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Intro to Dance: 2-6 years

Our Intro to Dance levels include ballet, jazz, and modern dance technique appropriate to the child’s age and level. The program introduces children to rhythm, choreography, stretching and strengthening. A great deal of emphasis is placed on enjoyment of the art of dance while maintaining the discipline required for any artistic endeavor. Attire: Girls – Leotard, skirt or fitted shorts, split sole canvas pink ballet slippers. Attire: Boys – White fitted shirt, black tights or stretchy pants, black ballet slippers

Ballet/Pointe Technique

Ballet classes are designed to expose students to the disciplined beauty of classical ballet. Proper body alignment as well as strengthening and stretching are emphasized. We use an Americanized ballet curriculum focused on the well-being and artistry of the individual dancer, drawing from the best of the Russian, French, and Italian traditions. Attire: Girls – Leotard, skirt, fitted shorts, black or pink tights, split-sole pink canvas slippers. Attire: Boys – White Fitted Shirt, black tights, black canvas ballet slippers. Students must have permission from staff and studio before going on pointe


Modern classes build strength and flexibility through experimentation with the full range of movement possibilities. Techniques from the traditions of Graham, Humphrey, Horton, Limón, and others build upon a foundation of ballet technique. Students are encouraged to develop an individual style driven by their experiences and specific to each dancer’s body. Attire: Girls – Leotard, leggings, bare feet, ballet slippers, or suede jazz shoes. Attire: Boys – Fitted Shirt, stretchy pants, bare feet, ballet slippers or jazz shoes


Hip Hop classes build stamina, strength, and flexibility while moving to high energy music. Skills including crew style movement, body isolations, popping, and a great sense of rhythm will be put into practice each class. Attire: T-shirt, leggings or fitted shorts, and clean sneakers not worn outside


Jazz classes include a combination of many styles and techniques including Broadway, Latin, African, and social dance. Proper technique, body placement, and healthy work habits will be stressed. Musicality and expression are emphasized. Attire: Girls – Leotard, leggings or fitted shorts, black split-sole suede sole jazz shoes. Attire: Boys – Fitted shirt, stretchy pants or fitted shorts, black split-sole suede sole jazz shoes