Student Showcase

Student Choreography Showcase Order 2022

At The Gendron Franco Center 

Showtime: Thursday June 9th, at 6:30 PM

This is a free event to come enjoy the hard work of our student choreographers and dancers.

  1. Kate McGrath Holmquist 
  2. Bailey Michaud 
  3. Danielle Brackley 
  4. Alita Crosson 
  5. Lousia Strong 
  6. Sara Prentice 
  7. Aliza Pullen
  8. Audrey Webb
  9. Christina Tancrede


Kate Holmquist 

Dancers: Sara Prentice, Mabel Tyler, Kaia Hayashida, Audrey Webb, Abbey Libby, Phoebe Gouette, Louisa Strong, Siina Nance, Ayanthi Reese, Emma Moreau

Bailey Michaud

Dancers: Alita Crosson, Christoph Kroger

Danielle Brackley

Dancers: Molly Tardy, Siina Nance, Lousia Strong, Sophia Berry, Sophia Webb

Alita Crosson

Dancers: Christoph Kroger, Bailey Michaud, Aliza Pullen, Christina Tancrede, Ayanthi Reese, Mabel Tyler 

Louisa Strong

Dancers: Molly Tardy, Siina Nance, Ben Tancrede, Wesley Gouette,. Danielle Brackley, Sophia Berry

Sara Prentice

Dancers: Alita Crosson, Jaden Ouellette, Kate Holmquist, Brianna Bourgoin, Christina Tancrede, Mable Tyler, Christoph Kroger 

Aliza Pullen

Dancers: Molly Tardy, Kate Holmquist, Ayanthi Reese, Sophia Berry, Kaia Hayshida, Jaden Ouellette

Audrey Webb

Dancers: Aliza Pullen, Mable Tyler, Christina Tancrede, Kaia Hayashida, Kate Holmquist, Phoebe Gouette 

Christina Tancrede

Dancers: Ayanthi Reese, Aliza pullen, Audrey Webb, Ben Tancrede, Dalaney Giroux, Abby Warden, Abbey Libby, Danielle Brackley, Louisa Strong, Tessa Hayshida, Wesley Gouette, Bailey Michaud, Jaden Oullette, Sara Prentice 

Quick Changes: 

Sara’s to Aliza’s (Jaden Ouelette)

Aliza’s to Audreys (Kate and Kaia) 

Audrey’s to Christina’s (Aliza) 

Student Showcase Rehearsal Schedule 2022

At The Gendron Franco Center