Summer Flexibility Plan

Summer is a beautiful time in Maine and at The Dance Center we want you to have the flexibility to enjoy dance and summer fun, and this way you can enjoy it all! Register for either a 5 or 8 class package and come to any class you want within your age range and ability level. This is a great opportunity considering that one drop in class costs $25. If you prefer to have the assurance of a reserved spot, we recommend registering for that specific class or classes.

Summer Flexibility Plan for Levels 1 – 2

  • 5 classes $75 / 8 classes $120

Summer Flexibility Plan for Level 3

  • 5 classes $85 / 8 Classes $136
  • Pointe Classes Count as a half class

Summer Flexibility Plan for Level 4 – 5, and Adults

  • 5 Classes $85 / 8 Classes $136
  • Pointe Classes count as a half class

**Summer Flexibility Plans pay a $10 registration fee. Registration fees are none refundable. The Dance Center commits in advance to various services to operate. Students who have registered and decide later to drop various classes will not be refunded for any registration fees.